ASF is an associaton of friends of chess, with a democratic and independent structure, which doesn’t accept funding which could compromise their work. The strategic and operational decisions, as well as annual targets, are taken among all the partners.

ASF is funded solely by the contributions of chess lovers who want to build bridges with a bright spirit of cooperation.

Your contribution, huge or small, is the only thing that allows us to continue expanding this art-science of chess, promoting actions against the ignorance thru the self-understanding and that of the opponent, and at the same time opening paths to the knowledge, promoting openminded points of view and sharing with others ideas, emotions and passion. In short, a proposal which allows what we think is another access to the happiness, embodied by chess.

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The more we are, the less borders will be.
I want to collaborate with:

10 euros per month for a year,

we can maintain a chess teacher for a year in any of our schools.

20 euros per month for a year,

We can provide equipment for a school (software, boards and pieces, books and boards).

50 euros per month for a year,

we can continue maintaining and opening new schools: India (Vicente Ferrer Foundation), Spain (Madrid-Lavapiés) and finish Tindouf’s school (opened in 2013) and Ethiopia (Wkro).

3.500 euros,

Sponsorship of a school.

You can help by making a wire transfer to the account number of Bankia:

Item: Donation (see below campaigns in progress)
Beneficiary: Ajedrez sin Fronteras
Bank: Bankia
IBAN: ES75 2038 1018 2160 0082 8012

Donation thermometers

Al Zaatari (Jordan). Refugee camp. February 2018. 4.000 €.


Uganda – Kampala (Sofia Mutessi school). 2018. 4.000 €.


Tanzania ( Born to Learn ). 2018. 4.000 €.


Gaza. 2018. 4.000 €.